Master Class Series: Design Excellence in Medical Device

Live Webinar Series • starting Thursdays • 12PM ET

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Larry Sampson (Host)

Director, Medical Device Business Processes

Design Excellence for Medical Device

What is Design Excellence?

Design Excellence defines how to author complex electro-mechanical-software medical devices. Included in these discussions are product creation, simulation, data management, and the overall integration with both systems modeling and regulatory frameworks.

What should I expect to learn?

How the speed of multi-domain collaboration can be redefined to meet the challenging healthcare requirements of today and beyond.

Series Schedule

April 30th • COVID-19 Edition: Open-Source Ventilator Response • Introduction to our Ventilator Rapid Response project and Design Excellence Watch On-Demand

May 7th • Model-Based Systems Engineering • SysML, systems modeling architecture (what is it and how?). Watch On-Demand

May 14th • System Simulation performance & sizing and design exploration featuring Watch On-Demand

May 21st • Electrical Engineering design schematics, PCB layout, ECAD/MCAD integration

May 28th • Design Excellence Roundup


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